Green Supply Chain Management as a relevant ecodesign driver for SME

The Basque “Industrial Ecobarometer” revealed that 49% of SMEs foresee a relevant increase in environmental requirements by clients in the next three years. Automotive, aeronautic, renewables, energy supply, building and retail are strong ecodesign driver sectors for greening the Supply Chain. Based on more than ten years of experience working with multinational companies, Ihobe and the Basque Ecodesign Center have developed a three step model to help SME greening their services and products.

The first step consists on greening the management, the second focuses on Green Procurement of corporate services, and the third step aims to green the core product supply chain by ecodesign. This model supports and facilitates implementation of green Corporate Strategies (link to Ihobes slights.. see BELOW) and builds on already existing international experiences by Iberdrola, Gamesa, Vicinay, Eroski and Euskaltel.

The model incorporates lessons learnt in previous experiences with Umicore, Philips and Sabic, already reported in 2011 by WBCSD document “Ideas and inspiration to accelerate sustainable growth - A value chain approach also contribute to global sustainability” and by Zero Waste Scotland’s in “Supply Chain Management and Sustainable Procurement - A guide for Scottish SMEs”.