Effizienz-Agentur Case Studies


​On January 25th three companies from North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) have been awarded the Effizienz-Preis NRW 2017 in Essen. The historical building ‘Oktogon’ on Zeche Zollverein provided a fitting backdrop for the ceremony, wich was attended by 250 guests. Members of the jury – seven experts from differnt fields – evaluated almost 30 highly innovative applications for the most efficient product or service. They chose the bakery ‘Ihr Bäcker Schüren’ because of their resource-efficient business concept, the ‘Deutsche Textilforschungszentrum Nord-West (DTNW)’ which developed a special textile to adsorb precious metal from aqueous solutions and ‘Aquaburg Hochwasserschutz GmbH’ for their convincing concept regarding flood protection. These projects and the innovative power going along with them show that environment and economy can be linked in an efficient and profitable way. In cooperation with the ‘Verbraucherzentrale NRW’ there was for the first time also a price to support innovative, long-lasting and recyclable products and ideas developed by students from NRW.
Effizienz-Preis NRW 2017:  three awards ressource efficient products
On January 25th the awarding ceremony for the Effizienz-Preis NRW 2017 was held in the historical building „Oktagon“ on Zeche Zollverein, Essen. 250 particpants honored the three best projects each of the Effizienz-Preis NRW and the Mehrwert Award.

The bakery „Ihr Bäcker Schüren“ received the award for the energy concept of the bakery and their activities for a electrically driven light duty truck. Roland Schueren organized a network of 98 interested parties buying a total of 198 battery driven light duty trucks for inner city tranpsortation.

A special textile to adsorb precious metals from aqueous solutions developed by the „Deutsche Textilforschungszentrum Nord-West (DTNW)“ allows the recovery of metals like paladium, platin, gold and silver from rinsing waters in the PCB (printed curcuit board) manufacturing.

As climate change increases the risks of floddings, „Aquaburg Hochwasserschutz“ has developed a product to protect cities and other premises from suddendly rising waters in very resource efficient manner.

Mehrwert NRW: Innovative Ideas from students for a better future
An illuminated shelf in the fridge showing the product that is the longest time in fridge. The intention of this product ist o reduce the food waste.

5.600 tons of aluminum are used each year for tee candles in Germany. The porcellan tea light holder MOOI helps to avoid this amount of material usage and scrap.
© Philip Treige 
​In the activities about coffee to go waste problems a new idea was awarded. Instead of buying reusable coffee to mugs a universal mug cover was presented. This cover can be put on all coffee mugs we find in kitchen shelves and giving them a more useful live. 
© Carina Frings